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I will show you how to start a on-demand business with no coding excperience

Hey guys!

My name is Owen. I am currently an economics and philosophy major at Baruch college. I have been starting and running multiple businesses for the past four years. With all the hype in the on-demand market, I decided to put some hours into figuring out how to get involved.

Thanks to companies in the food area such as Grubhub, Seamless, Doordash, Maple, Uber Eats…etc we now have a proof of concept. Well as it stands currently, the competition in the city is raging on and I realized there’s still an opportunity to cash in. How? By taking the same methodology and applying it to suburban areas!

Yes, it’s that simple. You might have one of these companies in your area, however, it turns out the majority of restaurants still have to provide drivers. This is where the swift entrepreneurs come in. If I could provide an ordering platform and fleet of drivers, would restauranteurs be interested? I specifically targeted restaurants in my area that currently only did take out. After positive feedback, I decided to put in the time to make some form of a prototype.

  • Tip: People like to see the product rather than listen to an idea.

Building a prototype at first seemed like a daunting task. Having no programming experience I then decided to search for programmers. I reached out to fellow programmers at my school, posted statuses on my facebook and LinkedIn network. The game plan was to try to offer equity in return for them building the website and apps, but I didn’t tell them this upfront. This eventually got me in contact with two different programmers. The first programmer did not have the skill set to build this kind of program and the other wanted TEN to TWENTY THOUSAND DOLLARS! No way that was happening on a start-up concept without any contracts signed. So I decided to build it myself…

I know it sounds crazy coming from someone with little to no coding experience.

Here’s the thing, it turns out technology has become so easy to work with that I was able to piece together multiple tools online. The feeling is similar to pouring out all of your old legos in a pile and building something with those random pieces. I was able to build a working prototype for under $500 and present it to restauranteurs in my area.

Three months later I am still in pre-launch phase but have gained my first three contracts and a dozen others in talks right now. There is so much room for growth and each contract signed has already introduced me to more restaurant owners.

I decided to jump into the food on-demand scene but I’ve realized this concept could work with just about any products out there. Think alcohol, vapes, groceries, clothing. The possibilities are endless and the opportunity outside of the cities is still available!

If you have any questions on how to start your own on-demand business drop me a message!

I wish you the best,