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I will solve any problem of yours :)

Check out my gig :


Hi there @yu2078, what problems can you exactly solve? :rofl::joy:

any of your problems buy the gig and send me the problem you have and you will be amazed <3 take care

Are you able to solve the remaining 6 Millennium Prize Problems that have yet to be solved since the year 2000?

You see the issue we have here? No one can solve any and all problems they are confronted with. It almost feels like you’re trolling people with this gig or at very least haven’t thought it all the way through.


@hum_on_the_go @j6nyc6, the problem is not OP solving or not “any people’s problems”, the problem is, who is going to solveOP’s own problems once buyers start to cancel, do chargebacks or ask for refunds as result of service not provided as promised? :wink: