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I will spell out your name in sticks and stones


I will print out your name in earthy style with natural objects such as sticks and stones. If at a beach, I’d use seaweed, but that would happen only between Memorial Day and Labor Day. I would more often have grass or dirt as the background. I could also use a yellow cart as a background, or a blanket or scarf if I have one in the color you’d like. I’m sure I can find a way to accommodate and customize. After spelling out your name, or a friend’s with the desired objects, I’d take a picture and send you the image to use in whatever way you please, e.g. computer desktop wallpaper, framed and hung on a wall, in poster form, etc.

I invite you all to follow the link below and see if what I have to offer inspires you. I have one example up. If it’s okay, I can use something I do for you as an example of my work on my gig. Thank you for your interest.

Decorative Names with Natural Objects