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I will SUBSCRIBE, RATE, & REVIEW your PODCAST on iTunes for $5

Link to Gig:

Hey fellow podcaster!

My name is Karl and I run my own podcast called Filspiration which got featured on the NEW & NOTEWORTHY section of iTunes. You can get there too with the combination of awesome subscribers, ratings, & reviews.

Gig Details - All done within 24 hours:

I will SUBSCRIBE to your podcast

I will give your podcast a RATING

I will then give it a thoughtful REVIEW

Before your order please message me a link to your podcast so I can review if it will be the right fit. I will not accept podcasts that contain insensitive content seeing that I will be your subscriber. I make sure to listen to all podcasts that I review in order to provide honest feedback.

Also, my iTunes account is for the USA store just in case you were wondering.

Thanks and happy podcasting! :slight_smile:

Hugs and backflips,


I am interested in your offer. As my podcast is in french, is it posible that I send you the review you could write in french ?
regards. Yann