I will take a photo of my green eyes promoting your ad in a mini origami


I will fold the origami to promote your business, website, brand, company or just for fun!

Also as a cool small gift to surprise your friends.

I can write whatever you want, keep it short and appropriate

I will send you a photo of the origami with my eyes.

The origami can be made in any paper color.

So, what are you waiting for…? Let´s gave a sexy view of your sign! ;:wink:



Oh that is awesome!

Show some more examples of your Origami. We have already though of something we could use you for :slight_smile:


oki…will fold and upload! ;))


Cool its picture time :slight_smile: ~O) I bet @madmoo would love this.


Thats what I like, UNIQUE. Your eyes are beautiful maybe get someone to edit so they pop and accentuate the green in them. Good luck with your gig


Thank you so much tn5rr2012…! :)>-