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I will take constructive criticism! How can I improve my gig?

I am open to any comments and criticisms about my gig. Please help me with tips on how to sell and overall making my gig look professional.


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The gig looks good. Maybe you could list what document formats you accept/deliver in. I’m not sure about the “Lorem Ipsum” document in the gig image, but it might be okay (or maybe show a before and after example document in English). You could also try a gig info video.

Your gig says “…up to 2000 words” but in the order details it says “…or anything else under 2,000 words” and the number of words defaults to 2000 words. Technically 2000 words isn’t “under” 2000 words. Maybe say “up to 2000” words everywhere instead of saying “under 2000 words”.

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Ok so you say make example work? Good idea.

And be consistent in my wording. Thanks for catching that.

Thanks! Anyone else have comments?

Looks great!

However, I would use a more appealing Gig image.

I agree with what @uk1000 says!

Also, maybe it’s a good idea to use the PDF file, to show what you are capable of? I’ve actually no idea if people use this option in your niche, experiment with it!


Thank you!

Anybody else have suggestions?