I will take UNIQUE pictures holding your message or logo for $5!



There are many Gigs around with similar offer.

But how many of them offer exactly this?


  1. picture with one or more rabbits or with guinea pig with your logo/message (white/brown rabbits)
  2. picture of me covered with wolf fur holding your logo/message
  3. picture with deer/otter/doe/chamois/mouflon/wild cat/wolf head trophy or wild boar teeth with your logo/message attached on the horns or on the neck of the trophy

    If you think this is interesting enough, please write to me before you place the order to define which option you prefer.

    I can make different combinations by your choice.

    Important: 5$ = one previously mentioned option (1/2/3). Also two different animals maximum (from option 3).

    Here is the link of the Gig again - http://fiverr.com/borce22/take-unique-pictures-holding-your-message-or-logo