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I Will Teach You How to Make AMAZING Basic Patterns in Photoshop


Would you like to learn how to make seamless repeat patterns in Photoshop to design your own fabrics, gift wrap and more? Then, this eBook can help you. It contains 59 pages of step-by-step instructions on how to create basic repeats in Photoshop. These include:

The Set Repeat
The Half Drop
The Half Brick Repeat
The Mirror Repeat
The Tossed Repeat
The Overlapping Repeat
Striped Patterns (including diagonal stripes)

Each tutorial contains screenshots that will help you see what you are trying to accomplish when creating your patterns.

You will also learn where to find inspiration for your patterns, the difference between raster and vector images and how to gather colors that will inspire you.

This eBook comes in PDF format, which I will send to you.