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I will teach you how to run multiple HitLeap viewers on virtual machines vpn 2015

Unbeatable Price! 60mins of working fur just 5 bucks!

I will do all the work over TeamViewer(60min)

Run multiple Hitleap viewers, method is from 2015

Works with the new HitLeap

No monthly costs

Proof in Gallery

I will do:

  1. Install and clone some Virtual Machines
  2. Configure the Virtual Machines properly
  3. Teach you how to start multiple viewers yourself
  4. Install Hitleap Viewer
  5. Install and Configure Virtual Private Networks (VPNs)

    so every virtual machine will have its own ip



  6. Windows 7 .iso
  7. Oracle VirtualBox VM
  8. Hitleap Account
  9. A very good cpu that is able tu run many view.

    (Min. Intel dual core 2x3ghz, or i3)
  10. Good Internet Connection

  11. At least 10GB free HDD-Space

    Thats it! 60min of my work for only 5$


    I want to say “thank you” to everbody who trusted and used my service-

    Thanks again.
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Hello. I have a good hardware and I have already uploaded 15 virtual windovsov XP. We can help how? in terms of IP numbers ?? Each hitleap viewer needs a different IP address! I do not want to waste any more programs like hide my ass!

this gids is still available? i need it to pay

This is an ancient post and the gig is no longer available.