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I will teach you Russian via Skype for $5


Private lessons with a Russian native speaker.

I will teach you Russian via Skype for 30 minutes for only 5$.

We can work on your writing, speaking, reading, listening skills.


We can start from the beginning where you will learn alphabet, basic phrases, grammar etc.

By the way, who’s on the cover image?

A few tips:

  1. Detailed descriptions always help me to do my work better and faster.
  2. Don’t forget to contact me in advance for large orders.
  3. Please, don’t forget to discuss all the necessary deadlines with me.
  4. Always contact me before we start work.

    Ask me if you have any questions!

    I’m looking forward to receiving your orders!

    You can find this gig here


I closed this gig due to terms of service.