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I will tell you what breed of dog you remind me of

Ever wondered what kind of dog you resemble most in terms of personality, appearance, and lifestyle? I have an expansive knowledge of all things dog. I am familiar with most breeds and temperaments and just have an overall passion for them. I have worked with dogs all my life and have two at home. If you ever thought about what kind of dog you could have been in a past life, I’m your girl!

Simply send me one or two pictures of yourself and give me a couple paragraphs all about you! Hobbies, personality, lifestyle, even allergies! Give me as much information as you are comfortable sharing and I’ll give you your matching dog breed/breeds and a full description of them and why I thought you reminded me of that dog.

I also have a gig where I give you advice on what kind of dog would be suited for you to keep as a pet if that’s more your thing.