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I Will Test Your Video Game, Play It And Search For Bugs

Can’t afford a regular tester? I am your solution. For a unique price I will do a full walkthrough of your game. Then I will deliver you a report with game clips and screenshots included, where I will review all the features of the game, report any bugs and suggest improvements.

Why should you hire me? I may not be professional, but gaming is my passion. Playing different kinds of games all afternoon long is something I truly enjoy. I am a young but responsible person who also has experience developing modifications for other games and even developing simple ones. Another big plus is that I have attended summer courses about software, such as artificial intelligence and coding classes, all of them achieved with excellence. Your game would be viewed from the perspective of a 19-year old who loves gaming and who will better know about what game potential clients like?

I have a Windows 10 PC and Android device.
Please understand that some long games obviously may take more time to deliver. However, I’ll try to finish the test as soon as possible. Do not hesitate in sending me a message for further discussion.
It would be a pleasure to help you improve your games!