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I will test your website and provide a detailed bug report

Do you have a new website that needs quality assurance? Are you ready to launch your website or e-commerce store to the world? Then let me help you! It can be very easy to overlook certain design or functional issues during development, that’s why it’s essential to have your website thoroughly tested before publishing it.

I have 10+ years experience in Software Quality Assurance. I love playing around with, testing and breaking new applications. I can manually test your website and discover any functionality, design or performance issues you may have missed during the development phase. I will test your website for all possible real-life scenarios and ensure that your website is functioning as designed and is a pleasant and user-friendly experience. I will provide a detailed bug report for all issues found (along with steps to reproduce and screenshots) as well as suggestions to improve your website.

Let me help you ensure that your users will have a seamless experience while browsing and shopping your website!