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I will test your website's usability and record it

Inordinate amounts of time and money are spent on the development of websites. Developers want to make sure that their websites are user-friendly, and meet the requirements to ensure that customers either stick around, or return. I want to give honest feedback on the usability of your site, from the perspective of the average customer.

Tests will be recorded using screen capture software, to allow you to see my activity, as well as microphone capture software, so that you can hear my thoughts as I navigate/test your website. A streaming link of the recording will then be emailed to the email that you provide.

Please specify any one scenario in which you would like me to test on your website, and two questions that you would like me to answer about it once I’ve completed the scenario. (I do not accept live payment scenarios)

If you do not have a specific scenario, and would just like your website to be tested generally, here are the factors that I will be commenting on:


Browser Compatibility (Chrome, Firefox, and Opera)

Ease of Accessibility.

I will answer two pre-specified questions about your site.