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I will translate 2000 words, English to Spanish or Spanish to English


It’s my only gig, posting it here because it doesn’t show up if you use the search bar.


I would like to make a suggestion. You should change your pricing. I realize that you might have set that price to win buyers but not all buyers go for the person with the cheapest price. Look at what other English/Spanish translators are doing and set yourself somewhere in the middle. Don’t sell yourself cheap!
Improve your description. Sell you! Tell the people how you know English even if you are not an official translator. If you lived in an English speaking country, if you studied it at school…
I am not a certified translator and I have a competitive price. I have regular work.


I have never done this before so I think I should charge less money for now, I would even do it for free if it’s something I’m into, but I want to see if I can earn anything at all, so far nothing, I get that if you set the price too low it could even look fishy, but I wouldn’t feel comfortable asking for more money, and it’s not like I can steal clients or anything because no one buys my gig, but even if they did I couldn’t take a lot of orders, but well as I said, since I don’t even show up or anything I doubt I would need to reject orders because of lack of time in the first place haha, I would definitely put the effort though, give it my best, I’m not trying to do a poor job. But it’s great to have your input since you have actually done this, thanks for your suggestion and for taking the time to answer.


I agree. 2,000 words for $5 feels like it will be low quality.


I agree too, when something is cheaper then maybe something’s wrong, but as I said, since I haven’t done this before I just don’t feel that I should charge the same amount of money that some professionals do, and by professional I just mean people that have been doing this for a few years and that try hard to do a good job, I don’t think that certified translators necessarily do a better job, my ex-fiancee studied to be a translator from 2011 to 2015, and my translations were better than the ones that a lot of her classmates would make when they were about to get certified, this just means that most of her classmates were probably bad, at least back then, I’m not implying that certified translators are bad, of course. I’m asking for the lowest amount of money I can on other websites too, if no one wants to hire me like this then I think I won’t get to do it because I don’t feel comfortable asking for more money until I get paid for doing this for at least a few months, I have been doing it for fun, just random texts, I once translated something for a lawyer, it was for free, that’s about it, but I want to actually translate stuff that other people will get to see, so I’m thinking of working as a voluntary too, thanks for your input, both my mom and my grandma said the same thing, that I should charge a normal amount, I just don’t feel like doing it right now.


do you really want to promote yourself then go to twiter and facebook


I’ll try to do something about Twitter/Facebook this month or next, I’ve never used Twitter and I only used Facebook for apps but I no longer have one, so it’ll take me some time, thank you.