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I will translate Anything You Write Into My Native Igbo Language for $5

***First of its kind on fiverr!!!***

24 hours express delivery!

In this gig, i will be translating any thing you say (not more than 350 words) to my native igbo language.

this service is very unique and has never been done on fiverr and i aim to give you a fell of my indigenous igbo language and culture through this gig.

what can you use this gig for:

  1. A surprise birthday or any occasion’s present to your friend and loved one
  2. you can post it on your friend’s Facebook or Google plus wall
  3. you can do almost anything creative you can in which ever fun way with your igbo translated writing!

    If you want me to say it and send you the audio, you must make another order signifying that.

    get hold of this unique and amazing service today!