I will translate English, Spanish or French into Italian (300-500 words)


Hello! I’m an Italian university student who is graduating in Translation and Interpreting. I’ve recently joined Fiverr and if you want to translate a text from English,Spanish or French into Italian or viceversa check out my gig! I will translate 300 to 500 words with proofreading and revision for just 5$! Hope to hear from any of you soon! :wink: https://www.fiverr.com/nitrolori93/translate-english-spanish-or-french-into-italian


In this category you are allowed to put a link to your gig in the actual post above if you want to do this.


Thanks for the suggestion:wink:


Just a little tip for you. You need to fix the last line of your profile description which doesn’t make sense. Attention to detail is very important!