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I will turn your 3 photos into artwork style of your choice

Link to the gig :

Hi, do you want to offer a wonderful and original wedding, birthday or just party gift or maybe impress your friends? then order me and send me your 3 pictures I will redraw it with various and wonderful touchs. The result will impress you :wink:

Imagine a famous painter redrawing 3 of your portraits, selfies or souvenir photos with his own style for only $5 and fast delivery (2 days with the possibility in extra gig to be delivered in 1 DAY only)

Effects and artist styles available:

-Art (colored art, wild art, fresh art, Dream art)
-Pencil Art (soft pencil, degraded pencil,rough black and white pencil, grease pencil, colored pencil)
-Colored Art (Fresh Blue, wild colored, Blue snow, Vintage, Hippie, earth, red beauty, Red fire, cosmos, winter)

Don’t hesitate, I promise you will be amazed by the result :slight_smile:

p.s. feel free to contact me for any additional informations.

Link to the gig :

Please create a big artwork of spam. You don’t need a photo. Be creative and make it pop–at least, more than this boring spam did.

it’s not a spam, i just promote my work to make it visible