I will turn your photo into a Russian General painting for $5


The user fragglesrock is using my images and passing them off as his own work. I am the originator of the replaceface, russian general pictures and his video features a lot of my work. I don’t understand why he thinks it’s ok to do this. I just wanted everyone to know in case you decide to purchase from him.

If you’d like to know more about me and my work, I encourage you to visit my sites:


I provide quality custom portraits for people. Unlike this fraud.

Sheriff’s note: Please do not ‘call out’ sellers or buyers on the forum. If you have any issues with anyone on the site, please contact either the person in question directly or better yet, contact Customer Support who are there to help you.

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For 8 Months this user has received praise for ‘his’ great idea, while using my pictures. Damn right I’m gonna publicly call him out on it. I’ve received no response from the user so I will contact customer support.


Thanks madmoo, I’ve contacted customer support. I’ve only just found out about this guy, he’s been using my images from 8 months. The nerve of some people.


Although it’s understandable you would want to call a user out, it’s just simply not allowed on the forums as some abusers could call out innocent people and ruin their reputations.

Anyway, if you have contacted the seller and they are not responding or they are not wanting to cooperate, contacting customer support is the way to go. I am sure they will remove the gig if it is in fact a copy of yours and they are using your work photos as their own.

Good luck!