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I will tweet 3 times anything to my 14k followers

i will tweet 3 times anything to my 14k followers ,

Hey Revi, I have a question regarding your tweets. I’m interested in your gig, sorry I’m new to fiverr and don’t know the correct terminology, would you just tweet anything from one word to x amounts of words on your tweet? Would you post a link if I provided you one? I’m an app developer looking to promote one of my apps, so I wanted a small description of my app as well as the link to the app store to download the app. Thank you for reading this.

are you a celebrity?

Reply to @biancha: just a normal guy who want some extra money :slight_smile:

Reply to @lowjoeco: contact me i will do this free or you can order :slight_smile:

Reply to @ravinepz: then your tweets got no power. Exposure is one thing but we know people pay attention to what the celebrities say or do. Cuz we obey them…we are duracell batteries. lol

Also , its easy to create 70k+ followers using bots and then pretend theyre real.

Im not saying you are doing that but, its kind of risky.

For $5 i will show you how to make bots :slight_smile: jk.jk.

Good luck tho.

Reply to @biancha: haha great reply thank you! i dont know why people use bots or buy followers, im using twitter since 2009 , and the point is im not forcing anyone to order my gig, im totaly new here so i just trying :slight_smile:

and for ur infomartion celebrities dont have time for fiverr, and you knw mostly celebrities have million of fakes followers , you can google it ,

Reply to @lowjoeco: contact me i will do this free or you can order

Reply to @ravinepz: yes but my point was, the power of the twitter. If some average joe post something nobody will care. If morgan freeman tweeter " go check out biancha, love sushi" Then the “real” followers / fans of him will actually go and check me out just to find out why morgan freeman tweeted about me.

Best of luck.


Hi and welcome.

Did you know that having the Off Fiverr web site link in your profile is against Fiverr’s Terms of Service, and could get your gig pulled down?

Reply to @biancha: ofcoz bcoz she is actress, how about us ? we all have fake robots followers? well im using twitter for 5 years, and you know without us celebrities are nothing on twitter :smiley:

Reply to @voiceoverwork: which link, i didnt found any link , i dont have any link on my profile , can you pls explain which one, thank you :slight_smile:

Reply to @ravinepz:

My message wasn’t for you. It’s for @lowjoeco.