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I will ugly you up! Turn you (or anyone) into a Dwarf or just make you fugly!


So I noticed there’s a lot of photoshop gigs out there to make you look good, or scary, or zombied or vamped but not any to make you a Dwarf. Well my Fiverr friends the time has come!

I know there’s a lot of secret Dwarves out there. Maybe it’s you, maybe it’s someone you know. Maybe they don’t know they’re a Dwarf yet…

As a Happy Halloween for my Fiverr Dwarves and Dwarvettes, I’ll Dwarfify the first 5 people who ask for it here. For Free! Just contact me and send me a photo you’d like Dwarfified and I will ugly it up!

If you miss out on the freebies and you’d like to get Dwarfified the gig is here:

Happy Halloween! Have fun!