I Will Video Chat for 30 Minutes


I am very open-minded and will video chat via skype or hangouts for a half hour, only $5.00. I am 18 and am available to girls or guys.


I recommend you take out the photo of your little girl in your profile picture.


Thanks for the tip, I will do that.


Not of my business, just let you know that contact outside of Fiverr and exchanging e-mail addresses is violating the ToS of Fiverr. For a Google Hangout you need to exchange e-mail addresses and as far as I know is Skype also a no-go.


Mario is correct, though I understand that if you contact Customer Support to explain why this is OK (read the TOS beforehand) should be OK.

You’re just going to attract a lot of perverts, though. They like “open-minded” people.


I am fully Agree with emmaki. They are called themselves open minded but They are actually pervert .

Best of luck


I don’t understand her offer. Why would people video chat with an unknown person? :confused:


lol you are very naive :wink:
she’s a webcam girl