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I will welcome any kind of suggestions, please spend some time for me

I got my last sell before one and half months (About-45 days) ago, by this time I got many response on my inbox but didnt get any sell.All experienced seller are requested to cooperate me by suggesting me frankly. If I have any fault in my GIG or anything, I will rectify myself. Please cooperate me, I will be grateful to you.

I am requesting you all to suggest me for the following GIGs

Thanks in advance.


To be very honest, your gigs are wonderful but the name you have selected hasn’t the professional touch instead use your own name


OP can’t change his username. In fact, once it’s created, no one can.


Yes, indeed @maitasun. I forgot :wink:

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Thanks … Can You please make it clear , what do you mean by name ? it is my Name, right ?

There’s nothing wrong with your username! :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks for you inspiring comment, I used my own name " Mamun Chaudhury " , if you do a google search, My name will come first ( hopefully) , But i cant understand whats wrong with my name … however I respect saplogics 's professional advice

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Do you promote your gig outside of Fiverr?

Try and find people you think will need your services on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and other social media sites

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Thanks @ uzotoby17, of course I will follow your wise advice, Thanks again