I will work hard for my clients ,I need your reviews about my gigs




No, you don’t want our reviews. You want us to tell you how to instantly be successful and make lots of sales. That’s not going to happen.

Here’s my advice: Tighten up your English skills, find away to stand out from the many other sellers that offer these same exact services, market and promote your services to the people that need them, and don’t expect quick success, or fast wealth. Fiverr is not a get-rich-quick website.

You are not going to get rich here, and you’re not going to find easy success. Hard work will be required. YOU are responsible for the success of your gigs. Reach out to your customers, don’t expect us forum users to make things easy for you.

Get out there, get busy. Good luck.


sir i want to know that is there any reward for inviting people
if yes then my invited friends join fiverr but i didn’t get my reward


Please stop trying to take the easy road. Fiverr is not about free rewards. Fiverr is about hard work. Invite your friends, tell others about Fiverr, but you’re not going to get rich off of rewards.

You’re a freelancer. Please start thinking like one. :wink:


hahah got it …

Thanks for your worthy advice .


[shakes head and sighs] … Good luck.


Here are some ideas for you:

You need to chase down all the guys online who seem to have stolen your work. Only they seemed to have put it all online before you did. What would happen if someone really did hire you to design their business card? Are you then going to learn how to do that for yourself?

Personalize your gig tiles to prove the work is yours. Instead of showing “Chelsea Sanchez’s resume,” show yours, with your picture on it. As a buyer, if I’m going to take a chance on a new seller, I’ve got to see you’ve put some heart into your stuff. And that it’s really your stuff.

Your profile, gig titles and gig descriptions have numerous errors.

Your profile picture is not terrible, but the colors and your expression are somber, which is ironic given the preachy slogan about happiness it contains.

You say you sing. Where is the singing? Business jingles sell well on Fiverr, at a good price. Avoid Milli Vanilli tunes, which might alert your business card buyers.

Your programming gigs don’t make sense to me, but I’m no programmer. Ask an American programmer if your titles are too jargony. Your gig title should say it like a buyer might search it.

Eliminate all humility from your profile. In particular, “I want to be a data scientist” sounds sad. At what point does someone actually become a data scientist? You’re in school for that, right? Congratulations! You have justs become a data scientist. My cat is a data scientist. He studies how much food is in his bowl. Data scientists aren’t doctors; there is not a license required.

Best of success to you my friend. :slight_smile: