I Will Write 3 Blog Posts & Advertise Your Blog Within 3 hours


Hello, My name is Caitlin. I’ve been blogging since I was a young child, and would like to offer my services. For $5, I will write and edit (As well as advertise) 3 posts on your blog that has a minimum of 750 words. However, this does not have to be the maximum of words I will write. I can write any amount of words, on any topic you wish. I will research in depth, into the topic, provide exceptional detail and quality, as well as great structure, spelling and punctuation. I will include your images, links, points you wish me to make, certain information/content, detailed responses.

Currently, I am offering to write 3 blog posts with a minimum of 750 words within 3 hours, just for $5!
After I have wrote these, I am willing to advertise your blog on many Facebook Groups related to writing, blogs and also your blog’s theme/content. I will advertise using links and banners, and catchy descriptions.

If interested, please click this link: