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I Will write 500 words of original Artical

i want orders…How can get these orders from buyers?
please please reply…give your opinnion getting more orders…

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Spelling the word ‘article’ correctly would be a good start! :wink:

On your profile, you seem to have missed out capital letters at the beginning of your sentences.

You need to really impress potential buyers if you’re going to make sales - careless errors won’t do that I’m afraid. Have a go at fixing them, and I’m sure you’ll do well.

You’ve got 2 identical gigs BTW? Not allowed.


Maybe you should pick another way of making money, as writing is obviously not your forte. That’s the first thing you should do to consider getting orders.


I think you should market your gig on social media like Twitter. it really helps to get more impression. and, more impression you get, your chance to get the order is much more.