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I will write a Full novel for you in less than a week

So you need a novel for that special project? A website offer? Maybe a gift for a friend? Well, look no further, because you have arrived at the best place on Fiverr to get a wonderfully written novel in your choice of genre for a super-low price
That’s right! For only $5 per chapter, you can become an author, owning all the rights to rename, edit, sell, give away, and publish these terrific books

my Service:
no one on fiverr provide this service so don’t waste your time and look elsewhere :wink:
You will have the ebook in word and pdf and any other format if possible+i will give you Master Release Agreement stating that you have all the right to the work and you will become the official author of the book
just pm me the novel genres you like and i will send you back the list of titles available for purchase and after less than a week it’s yours simple as that

the price:
just 5$ for each chapter For example a 20 chapter novel = $100(this very cheap price exclusively for my clients on fiverr)

I realize you put this up as an ad in the correct category, but I stumbled across your post so I’m going to offer you some general advice. Your title is quite misleading. You state that you will deliver a “full novel in less than a week” on a gig with a starting price of $5. A buyer might easily miss that you really only offer one chapter at that price and that you don’t list a word count. If someone orders your gig thinking they will get a full book for five bucks you may run into problems.

Most people who want a ghostwriter want someone who writes the books themselves. What you describe by having a list of titles makes it sound as though you might have some pre-written PLR to sell. If that is true, I’ll just offer you an “FYI” that a buyer may be fairly unhappy if the book turns out to be plagiarized, sold to more than one person, or poorly written.

The other thing I notice about your writing in your post and gig description is the lack of proper punctuation and capitalization. If I were interesting in buying a ghostwritten book, that would really put me off. There is no point in getting a rapidly written book in a choice of genres if it’s not in a publishable or near-publishable form OR unless the buyer is very aware they’ll need to heavily edit.

A buyer might be happy to get a unique book length piece even if it does need lots of editing, but only if they are told it will be a rough draft. My suggestion to you is to show some samples of your work, to add to your description if the writing will be publisher-ready or not, and include mention of the expected word count. Chapter count alone isn’t really enough since there is no way of knowing how long your chapters are. I really do hope this helps you because I’d hate to see a new seller end up with bad reviews or cancellations over these kind of things.

Thank you very much i really appreciate your advice also to clear something in the description i mentioned that the the price is 5$ for each chapter and that’s very cheap price by the way