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I will write a HQ Copyscape Article which is up to 1500 words for $5


For only $5 i offer to give you up to 1500 words of an article on a topic of your choice.

Further, this 1500 words article is also divisible. I.e you may ask for two 750 words articles, three 500 words articles, maybe one 1000 words article and another 500 words article, it is up to you.

All my articles are copyscape proof and High Quality. My prime motivation is to always make sure you are satisfied. As such, you may request an unlimited number of rewrites aswell. So if you don’t like any part of the article (Or maybe all of it?) you can easily request me to fix it and i’ll happily do so.

Further, according to my policy on only delivering the best, if i feel that the article i give you is not up to the par of quality and/or have wasted too much of your time, i may also give you the article free of cost and request you to cancel the gig. I can do without $5, but i will not charge you for something i feel is not worth it.

If my gig interests you, please check it out at and hopefully we’ll talk very soon.