I will write a poem for your special occasion!


Poems are great for some wonderful reasons,

Their value is way underrated.

They spice up well wishing and holiday greetings,

Especially when they’re belated!

Not everyone has the time or the knack,

For putting their thoughts into rhyme.

So why not use me, and let me do the work,

For five bucks I’ll save you some time!

Whether birthdays, or christmas, anniversaries or weddings,

If they’re a newborn or a cancer survivor.

Let me offer my services such as they are,

And offer this gig here on Fiverr!

I will write a poem for your special occasion that will be four stanza of four lines each. I can do romantic, humorous, happy or sympathy. Let me know what you need and I will get started working for you!



Reply to @madmoo: You’re write.


All jokes aside, your poem is precious. I’m trying to think of a reason why I need one!


wow! How did I miss all of those! Well…there you go!