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I will write a short story for you

So I’m looking to make money online and I found fiverr. I would write stories that many of my friends thought were good. I’ve been called a talented writer but I never was really motivated. Now that I found this site I feel as if I can broaden my horizon and can write for others. I am currently creating a sample story, but would appreciate any offers. Here is the link to my gig: so if your in need of a writer for a short story then you can count on me.`

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I have six views so far, but no buyers. I’m off from vacation and I’m ready to write a short story for you.

I am still active! I am waiting for someone to buy!

take your email address out of your description before your gig gets banned.

Thx! Appreciate the help!

I think asking for credit may be one of the factors holding you back. There are so many writers (myself included! :slight_smile: on this site who will write a story and allow the buyer to put their name on it. Buyers usually don’t want anyone to know they hired a ghostwriter. A lot of buyers want to sell the stories they have ghostwritten too, and seeing that you are concerned with credit, they may worry that you are concerned with potential royalties too. If you are looking for credit, you should just sell your own stories. Otherwise, ghostwriters usually work with total anonymity.

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Thx for the tip! I really never cared for royalties, I wanted to get my name out there for my future career. Though I can see the problem people might see since you pointed it out to me. Thx again!

I am still active, just to let people know.

I wont be on for awhile, if you have any questions just pm me and I will respond in maybe a month or so. I still encourage you to check it out and favorite it.