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I will write an unique review for any amazon product

I will write high quality and unique reviews on your any amazon product/e-book/yelp etc. I have multiple amazon verified account or if you need verified review please send me coupon code or promo code then I will purchase your product.

I will write verified and unverified reviews for your any amazon products.

Sheriff’s note: self-promotion threads must be published in MY FIVERR GIGS section.
Short urls should be avoided 'cause users cannot know where they lead to before clicking: for this reason I changed your with the full one.

Is this type of gig even permitted on here :confused:

Fiverr doesn’t encourage breaking other sites’ ToS, and this is a clear violation of Amazon’s rules…

Reply to @inet_solutions: You make a good point. It is a violation of Amazon’s rules, and so it is also against Fiverr’s TOS.

@mary011 you’re also SPAMMING the Tips for Sellers section with self promotion, which is against the forum rules. Your link can also be a redirect to someplace unsafe. I see red flags all over this post.