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I Will Write And Edit For You For $5-$10

Do you have a character made but not developed? Do you have a strapping young lad ready to…do…something that you aren’t quite sure of yet? Do you have a lone wolf that grew up…somewhere?
Well get rid of those dots and fly on over to my gig where I’ll give your characters the backstories they deserve!

So, let’s assume you don’t care about the character’s backstory you just want the character to have a story. I can help you with that too. See my services are fairly cheap and I can throw all the puffery I want at you, but at the end of the day you’ll simply have to see for yourself what my services are like. If you’re interested in someone writing a story for you, one that involves your characters or perhaps just a fanfiction that you’ve been desperately craving then look no further than this gig:

The third gig I offer involves (maybe you guessed it) editing your work for you! So you’ve got your characters, their back story, their adventure, what more could I possibly offer you? I can proofread and edit your work of course! I’m not looking to bash your work, simply looking to help you improve it. I’ll never judge your story and I’ll certainly never give harsh feedback about it. If you ask for constructive criticism that’s what you’ll get though (and without any extra charge).
Check that gig out here:

The fourth and currently only other gig I offer is an all-ecompassing editing offer. With this gig I’ll be happy to edit your blog posts, articles, scripts, and just about anything else for a very affordable price. Feel free to check the link for more information.

Thanks for stopping by and hopefully you had a decent time reading all of this. Feel free to ask me questions and such, I think I’ll be sticking around here for quite some time.