I will write any message with any cartoons...and more!


Hello everyone! I’m new on fiverr (I am here for about one week) and I want to show you one of my gigs.

I could write any kind of message in an unique style. Also cartoons like animals, humans and more will join the letter party!

Here is an example of my style (the letters have patterns :slight_smile: ). More details by following this link to my gig.



So, what do you think about my style? I can’t wait to hear feedback :smiley:



Hi and welcome.

Newbie lesson…

The link you entered is wrong. Anytime you see “/users/”, “/manage_orders/” or “/edit/” in the link, it means you’ve copied the link as you are logged in, and it doesn’t work the way you want it to. Your link should look like this.



Reply to @voiceoverwork: Thank you very much for your lesson! I didn’t see that! I will edit the link right now.