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I Will Write Article or Blog Post Up To 800 Words!


Looking for my first gig, but not a newbie to writing.

Got an article that needs writing but don’t have the time? Need to get a blog post out but feeling overloaded? Let me do it for you! I have been writing and blogging for five years and I know how to write an article that will deliver. Turn around time is typically 48 hours. Satisfaction guaranteed.


Just a tip: I used to write articles-- it was my main gig. I offered 500 words, and I saw tremendous sales. I think when sellers offers more than 500 words, they look like they are s ucky writers and are making up for that with an excess of words. But that’s just my opinion; maybe you have a great amount of sales.

I have found that writing even just 500 words is too much to offer for $4. I very quickly got burnt out doing literally dozens of 500 words articles per day. Maybe you want to start out offering a higher word count, but lower it once you get some good feedback so that you don’t get burnt out and quit.


Reply to @cassysailermoon: Definitely agree with that one. I have it set at 500 but I do believe when I get my new upcoming gigs up I plan on reducing that word count to most likely 250 as it seems most clients look in the 400 to 500 word range, so I can probably be doubling my profit on each order placed for my writing by reducing the word count. I just wish this would let me change the actual display title as to not confuse buyers at a later date.


I have actually experienced what you are saying. I now have reduced my gig to 500 words. Thinking about going to 250, but not sure if that is going to hurt me in the long run.



I don’t think a lot of buyers seem to actually look at the word count. I think it’s a case of they see your video, feel that you fit their needs, and order. I see people that offer 150 words an order on here, and they have TONS of orders. SEO & Word of Mouth are very powerful.

In a lot of my gigs, I have in the order questions it asks to tell me how they found me. Most find me on specific keywords and the reason they picked me is because I was on the first page for the keyword. They told me it had nothing to do with my 100% feedback or anything else. Other’s tell me it’s because I am personable with my video, so I guess. I am sure my positive feedback helps to keep orders coming in, but at the same time, I think it’s because I am very focused on offering a specific type of service they’re looking for, rather than the amount.