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I will write or edit CV, resume, or cover letter for $5


It is known that even without much experience a very good CV or resume can get someone a job.

I once worked for a recruiting firm, so i know how to write and spot a very good CV or resume.

The ability of a resume, CV, or cover letter to catch the attention of an employer lies within the content and organization of the resume, CV or cover letter.

Lot of people apply for the same job, so therefore no officer would want to waste much time on one CV or cover letter in order to attend to other CV and documents.

You don’t need to be scared or worried. don’t border yourself about the design of your document. That is my Job

what i offer you here is:

A CV, resume or cover letter that will catch the attention of any reader

A well organized document

A resume that will highlight your experience, skills and education

HR department must read CV.

Note: i only need the information you want to put on it…or send me a CV or Resume for editing and proofreading.

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