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I will write or edit your resume, cv or cover letter professionally [CLOSED]

Hello, welcome to annwritepro. I am a recruiter, I have been recruiting for over 8 years now so I know how a good resume/cv or cover letter looks like. I’m here on Fiverr to make people’s dream come through.
Do you want your dream come through as regards the job your’re looking for? I think you need a good resume/cv or cover letter written by professionals.
Waste no time again!
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The last post that I responded to – also promoting your services – was moved to the My Fiverr Gigs… and now you post yet another one in this forum? Please stop spamming invitations to buy your writing services. It is painfully clear that you are not a professional English writer.

@jonbaas is exactly correct. This post will be closed to responses. If you keep spamming the forums instead of using the categories correctly you will lose the ability to post.