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I will write poetry for you

Hello everyone, I am Gonçalo and I’m here to offer your my writing services. I started writing since I was 6 years old because I felt passionate about it. I still feel that passion and currently, it been a life saver for me because I am currently dealing with depression and the only way I can really express myself is through writing.
I would really love to work with you guys, and ill always give you my best. I can’t promise you perfection but I can promise you I will put 100% effort on everything I do.

Example of my work:


My mind is killing me, drowning in my tears, swimming in my blood. Time flies by, and it feels like nothing has changed. My heart keeps hurting, my chest keeps hitching, I still feel the knot on my throat taking my breath away, because of all the words I wished to tell you but I couldn’t because I wasn’t strong enough and I was ashamed to say it out loud. I am trying to be strong, giving everything I got but got to the point that I am drained and lost all my faith. Everything stopped making sense since you left, it feels like life lost its purpose. Every day I die a little more inside knowing that I won’t see you ever again, and that throws me down the hill. All I wished for was a proper chance to tell you goodbye and how much I still love you, but the reality is that day will never come, and that will be forever my biggest regret.

Best Regards.


I’m also a poet! Maybe we can exchange gig favorites? :wink:

Hi @gongasdias98, Welcome to Fiverr, glad you made this step to join us. Sorry to hear about your depression and if writing makes you feel better, go ahead and do what you’re a born to be. Wow! I love your poetry and your introduction has really caught my eyes… super!!!

If I ever need a poet at least I know where to Find One!! Once again thank you for sharing and good luck on your journey ahead. God Bless!

Warmly Humberto


Hi, yes of course :slight_smile:

Thank you very much, Humberto, I am feeling like home in here. I hope we all have a good journey. Best regards.

You can check out my gigs when you click on my profile!

I also really like your poetry! I would love to see more of your work :smiley:

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I would love to see some of your work too !! :smiley:

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this is one of my poems that I wrote about doubts and it’s called “Haikus of Doubt”. I hope you will like it! :smiley:

– Haikus of doubt –

You’re back in my life
Was it wrong to let you in?
You are so unclear

Was it a mistake?
Was it wrong to contact you?
What am I doing?

Why did you respond
To my texts and made it clear
That you want me too

I’m so conflicted
Why are you doing this now?
I am so confused

I know you’re busy
But why did you talk to me?
Am I still special?

Don’t know what’s coming
Don’t know what to think of you
We shall see what’s next

Talking for awhile
Now I know what’s best for me
Just letting you go

I won’t hurt myself
I’m strong and independent
You just cause me pain

There will be someone
Who will treat me like a queen
That was hard for you

Now that you are gone
I just need to forget you
That will be so hard


Good job, I like your writing style :smiley:

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thank you so much! If you want to see more I have a portfolio linked in one of my gigs

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I would love to see it , have you ever considered writing a ebook with all your poems ?

I’m working on a website/blog to post my poems on with the meaning of every poem. I will send you a message with the link to that website

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I’m a lyric writer but i like to think of myself as a poet as well.

-Mr. Sunshine-

Everyday I feel so stressed, depressed, I can’t see the way
If I could make it out the maze, that’ll be the day

I find myself, until then I cry for help
My life is like fifty shades of grey

Mr. Sunshine don’t you go away
Cuz when it gets dark you gotta role to play

Shine a little light on this road I paved
So I can make it back home to stay, brighten up my day…


Hey, really cool, would love to see more of your work!!

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Nice work! I also want to see more of your work :smiley:

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