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I will write Privacy Policy and Terms of Service for a Website

Every website, including yours, needs a privacy policy…

You own a website and need to define the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. You don’t want it turning into a spam-ridden minefield. Most of your users will probably follow netiquette, but there are always a few trolls lurking out there, looking for something to do. Alert users to your no-no’s with your Terms and Conditions.

Our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service Agreement are drafted by professionals with experience 7+ years in writing policies for businesses, including but not limited to Whole/Retail Agreements, Operating Agreement, Terms and Conditions, etc. Each Agreement goes through a Quality Inspection process before being delivered.

Our Privacy Policy is

Simple to read

multinational (Multiple Languages )

Unique (No Copy and Paste)

For $5 you can Expect:

Privacy Policy

Terms of Service Agreement

Quality Service

Confidentiality between Buyer and Seller

Inspected by Qualified Individuals.

Delivery within 24 HOURS OR ITS 100% FREE.

Order Now…