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I will write well researched content articles, SEO articles and unique articles


Hello, there I’m Joan if you require any well-researched and unique articles about any topics though I do prefer medical and health articles then you can click the link down below to get the best. I look forward to working with you.:grinning:


I’m looking to add a blog to my t-shirt store. Can you write search engine optimized articles for T-shirt stores like mine?


Hello wordpress_whiz yes I can. I’ll just need information about the store like the motto of the store, whether it’s an online store or a physical shop, the location of the store, the print on the shirts, the price of the shirts. I’ll also need to know whether the article will be a promotional article or more of a review.


Thank you for your response… I will answer those questions when I send you private message.

I hope you have samples of previous articles you have written?


Cheapskate. :slight_smile: You get nowhere with free samples. Anyone can copy and paste an article from anywhere online and say they wrote it. Alternatively, they can message other Fiverr sellers asking for samples (before creating their own gigs) and pass these off as their own.

Given the above, it always pays to ask “how much for a sample?” instead of waltzing in expecting one FOC. :wink:


Please stop the rude comment…I’m not a cheapskate…You did not get the full details of my question before acting in a disrespectful manner…

I was not asking for articles in my niche…I was asking for sample articles outside my niche so I can gauge her writing style…

Please get the full details before disrespecting someone on this forum…


I’m sorry you interpreted my jest as rude. The :slight_smile: was intended to demonstrate that this was said in jest.

Otherwise my advice was meant sincerely. This is how anyone should find a writer to work with, regardless of their niche or project details. That is unless a seller can provide a buyer with a link to a verifiable personal blog. However, this isn’t practical due to Fiverr TOS.

I didn’t intend to disrespect you and I’m sorry you feel that way. My advice is still worth keeping in mind, though. :wink:


There are respectful ways of giving people an advice instead of name calling or calling people cheapskate…


Well, as I said, what I said was in jest and my experience is that most people would have understood that by the inclusion of the :slight_smile: emoji. - Maybe I messed that up by placing it after the period.

In either case, I have apologized to you. If you do not want to accept that apology, that’s up to you.


Apology accepted…


Hello, I do have some although not so many but I’ll send them in your private message.


Thank you very much…


You are very welcome.


Hello wordpress_whiz I think you’ll have to message me first in my private message because I don’t think I can contact you directly on Fiverr messages as a seller.



I have been busy fulfilling store orders…My team and I had to print and ship out 155 custom made t-shirts today…

I’ll contact you when I’m done shipping out all my store orders…Your patience is greatly appreciated…


@joannyathira sorry for getting into your conversation.

You can message @wordpress_whiz through the forum private message system. Just enter your profile and go where it says messages.


@maitasun is correct and has given great info. Users really should not discuss transactions on the public forum. Buyers can message sellers directly if they are interested in ads from the forum. (You didn’t do anything wrong, @joannyathira, but this is general info from the moderation team so that buyers will remember to keep these conversations private.)

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Those interested in seller ads should contact sellers directly.