I wish available now feature was accessible on mobile app


It’s annoying to have to open up a browser just to turn on available now to then have to use your Mobile app to send your messages within 5 minutes


You’re right, although I don’t use that feature at all. It’s just too complicated for me. Some buyer sends messages that actually takes more than 5 minutes to read or even check any attachments/links that come with the message.

I would rather recommend FIVERR to remove that feature and bring something more useful, for example, VOICE AND VIDEO CALLING.


I first write “hi” than i read all messages and check files. You are right even writing a reply may take more than 5 minutes as i prepare samples, uplpad them, write description.


We use the same methods


I wish available now feature was accessible to ALL sellers not only to selected ones… :slight_smile:


As far as I know, the “AVAILABLE NOW” feature counts the reply time of your all messages not only the first one.

You may ask fiverr support about this.


No, it counts every messages. Even I got an notification for that when I did not reply a message under 5 minutes for a nearly 1 hour long chat.


That’s what I just said,


Sorry :smiley: (20 char)


I think you are right to say this because I have also same problem :thinking: