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I wish fiverr have the Audio/video call option in the chat

Many times clients asked about calls or sometimes we want to explain our things in a better way, calls are necessary sometimes… Can we have any alternative that fiver allows us? Thanks!


Yes the call should be must and another thing should be added to it is … No one can hire us directly without talk to us or give Users permission to accept and reject it .


There is that already, but client needs to have business account. He can not be seller.


can you please give me the link for that so i can check where it is because i am unaware of it .

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It’s on the order page only, so it wouldn’t help those who want to talk before placing the order.

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Voice calls will only complicate things.

CS won’t be able to verify the complete conversation between sellers and buyers. Even if they record every call, it will be too many CS-hours wasted for nothing. So much that they’ll better cancel the order instead.

Besides, if a buyer has problems typing out everything, they can always record themselves and send the file. It’s simple and makes it easier to collaborate across time-zones.

So think twice.


OH yeah totally if you could record yourself and just send voice message like on messenger that would be awesome

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You can…

Gotta use the cam or audio recording app though. :eyes:


You can. With your phone, for example. And then send the audio file as an attachment in the inbox.


Absolutely. Buyers sometimes send videos to me they have recorded to explain something. It works just fine.


@catwriter @wordsfire

I mean yeah guys but that is not practical at all. Why not have just a button for it in inbox. Click record, say everything and then click Stop. Then it’s gonna automatically be sent to client.

// and btw voice call would be even better, but I get that complicates CS work


It’d be even better if they just had to think and it’d type on its own… Google: Neuralink :eyes:

Lets ask Elon if he want to do some custom stuff for fiverr lol

It’s a workaround, nobody said it was practical.

I hope that, if it ever gets implemented, it’s optional. I have zero wish to struggle with someone’s accent and awful spoken English, I doubt that anyone is eager to listen to my accent, plus I need the information in writing. And I’m not the only one who feels that way.

I understand that for some, voice or video would be easier, but I really wouldn’t want to be forced into something like that.


But will be practice for who? The most biggest problems in all kind of companies are clients that contact just via audio… because everytime the company need hear a lot of audios from several clients (the clients don’t know how to explain and will record audio of 3-5-8 minutes).

The amount of time to check all this audio is much bigger than text, because the text the people think before write that made the clients explain in more details what they want. This are psycological aspects.

Is my opnion, in case of problems the Fiverr Support will have much more demand to verify audio than text. The world of freelancer is based on Briefing, as professional we need guide the clients to get exaclty what they want.


where it is in order page as i cant see it anywhere ?

Close to the top, and it only appears if the buyer is a Fiverr Business Client.