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I wish God would have reacted like this to my other Request too


Just Sharing my Story on Fiverr. I made Account on fiverr on one of my friend advice as he used to earn a good amount of money by writing articles on fiverr.

Being good at Graphic designing i made my fiverr account on Graphic niche. Gradually i started getting orders and as such my whole day used to spent sitting infront of my laptop. Soon my College mid terms were Near and i was in fear that how would i cope up with my study and fiverr business simultaneously, I cannot put my fiverr account on vacation mode as i have read many reviews saying their Business ruined after putting their account on vacation mode, so i Just prayed to God that"please hold my orders for some time so that i could focus on my studies". My dear God concentrated on my request and spontaneously Stopped all my orders at once leaving me a lot of time to do other work =)) .

I wish God would have reacted like this to my other Requests too… :)]


[-O O:-)


I pause my gigs all the time and never have trouble with it returning back in the searches. I haven’t used the vacation mode.