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I Wish I Did These 4 Things Before Buying!

4 BIG Mistakes Buyers Make and What To Do About It!!
As a buyer and seller here on Fiverr for the past year, I can honestly say that I have learned a lot, mostly from making mistakes. Because I do not want buyers to make my same mistakes, I have complied a short list of four mistakes buyers make and how to avoid them.

1.Not Making Sure the Seller Speaks the Same Language
This one is important for obvious reasons. But I know people can get so caught up in other details of the gig that they forget to make sure that they can actually talk to the seller. Fiverr, like all things on the web, is open to everyone and every language. So you cannot assume that the seller speaks the same language at the same level. To avoid this, look at the sellers profile and make sure the language and level of fluency is at the level you want.

2.Letting the Price Determine Everything
Fiverr has become a place where people can find good quality work at a great price, which is great. But you cannot let price alone determine who you should work with. Fiverr is not immune to scammers and scammers know people are always looking for the lowest price. Thus, scammers will use low prices to lure in victims. Please avoid this, and read the description of the seller to get a feel for who they are and see if you would be comfortable working with them.

3.Skimming/Skipping the Descriptions
Yes, READ the descriptions. Do NOT just skim. The description is a vital part of the gig. It tells you what each seller is willing to do. In fact, some people have missed out on scoring discounts simply because they skipped the description. Even if you know what they will do, just read the descriptions to make sure they provide the services you want.

4.Forgetting to ask if you will own the rights to the product
This is more for creative goods, such as logos, animations, and comics. But I highly recommend asking sellers if the rights to the product belong to you. Some sellers relinquish all rights, while some will just give you the characters, but not the entire comic. It all depends. But please check with them before moving forward.

I would love to know what were some things you wished you did before buying. Just reply down below.

Thanks for reading and look me up at thedataist on Fiverr.


I would like to also add the following as well:

  1. Communication is key in everything. Before placing an order a buyer must communicate with the seller first so as to prevent cancellation, resolutions center issues, delay in delivery among others.

  2. You also need to read the responses to an order or the descriptions of a particular gig before buying. This will ensure that the product you are getting is what you ordered.

  3. Give new sellers a chance.

  4. Check ratings and reviews to help guide your selection choice

I hope that helped.


Being on the same language is huge. Communication is big when you are trying to get proper stuff bought or sold. Especially with voice over stuff!


Communication is very important.
In cases where a particular seller is best for the job and differs in Language, there are online tools which would make things easier for both parties.


yes you are true in saying this

yes all the game is about communication


Wow the best topic ever!!

With people from all over the world, communication and clarification is huge!

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Especially if there are some words that don’t really have a translation.

Thanks so much for commenting. I hope to keep putting articles that support our Fiverr freelancer fam

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Thanks for choosing us (New Seller) :slight_smile:
I have one question as we new seller where we get ratings and reviews ??? :frowning: :frowning:
Is there have any option to get this?

Really good topic
Thanks for sharing & caring :slight_smile: :slight_smile: