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I wish I wasn't too nice to give bad sellers the rating they deserve

Grr, seller was very rude to me and had the unmitigated gall to claim I asked him to do what wasn’t in his gig. This is clearly a complete lie. I am so annoyed.

You see, seller had a gig for youtube comments. Now, my video is very niche - honestly, I am guessing less than 1% of fiverr sellers even know about this particular topic. I am a buyer who has bought 200 gigs so far and I know it’s really best to make everything very clear before the gig starts. I mean, fixing things after something has been delivered is a waste of time.

So I send the seller a list of comments so he can see what comments for this topic are good. (see attached picture at the bottom of this post)

Seller then tells me not to buy his gig again. Why? Because he doesn’t like pre-written comments.

Dude, read what I wrote. I clearly said:

“use these or type out your own” - in other words you can do whatever you want

"this will show you the type of comment" - this is just an example

Honestly, I really want to give this guy a one star rating but when I tried…I just felt so guilty. Like, what if this guys is really, really poor and he needs the money? What if his aged parent needs eye surgery? I know it’s dumb but I felt bad about giving him an honest review.

this is a picture of what I wrote:

I do not deal with rude people so I would have asked for a mutual cancellation and moved on. No one professional is going to be rude.