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I wish there were more creative intro videos

I was looking for a writing gig and I came across this video.
There’s no way I can afford her services, but at least I don’t regret watching the video 3 times :smiley:

I wish there were more videos like that. Such gigs definitely bring more flavor to the site.
(not sure if I’m allowed to promote her gig here)


Amazing service
Good luck

“The first draft of everything is s**” :joy:

That’s an amazing video, and reminds me of Fiverr’s early days in 2010 till 2012, when sellers where competing to be more creative and made really awesome/fun/catchy videos, when there was much more freedom and when Fiverr was less pro/corporate oriented…

Maybe Fiverr’s changes over time have sort of forced its sellers to change from being creative to being just regular, professional or corporate, and less to no fun…


I wasn’t here in 2012, but I guess there were less “get rich fast” sellers. Right now it’s really frustrating to go through all those gigs. Lot of them look exactly the same to me :slight_smile:

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Indeed :smiley: It was more like Woodstock - “freebirds”, creativity boosts, lots of temptations and new opportunities being discovered, and hippie-like FUN 24/7…

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