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I wish to Get An Order

I recently joined Fiverr after being advised that I can actually earn serve a larger community with my excellent and talented service of product reviews. I like the site as it looks more organised than most sites. However, I really would like to get my first order to make my presence more enjoyable.
Would you show me how?

You really need to focus on delivering a supirior product than your competition. If you are in a crowded niche than you have to offer considerably more than your competition does for the same price. Put yourself in the shoes of a customer and ask yourself, "why would I go with someone who is brand new and has no established reputation when I can go with all of these people who have a ton of 5 star reviews?"
When you look at it that way it becomes quite clear, you can’t really offer a ‘better review’, it’s a generic service (for the most part) and a good review is simply a good review. You can offer more though.
Once you become established you will be able to adjust your gigs accordingly and capitalize that way.
Good luck!

If wishes were fishes…

Also product reviews are like out now. Didn’t you get the memo? All you’re going to say is “this vaginal douche really works! I don’t itch at all!” or “this piece of electrical wiring for a Lenovo 325 pleased me very much”, or even “This is an excellent entry into the Sonic series, I loved Luigi’s special appearance”. Look, the reviews are going out. Get a real skill not borrowed opinions.

I think you need new advisers. Were they the get rich qwik type? They’re full of shit, they always are.

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