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I wish to work but no buyer, no order


Immediately I done with my first gig, I got a message that leads to order from a buyer, I quickly finish it within 2 hours, I was happy because I thought it would be business of all days, but no, I promote myself with all tools I know, but yet to worked out. Please I want to work, if you have many orders in queue and you know it has choke you up, partner with me to work for you. Contact me now.


Have you arranged to do any work for Wordpress_whiz? I know you were involved in his t-shirt design thread.


He’s straight forward enough, he promised


Unfortunately, things don’t work like that orders don’t just start pouring in.
It’s good to know that you are promoting your gigs, but you might want to keep in mind
that t-shirt design gigs are very competitive. if there is a way to make your designs more
unique, you might want to try that.


Thanks, I understand that but not like not seeing anything… I wish to have more