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I withdrew $728 to Fiverr Revenue Card, but [ARCHIVED]


Today, for the first time I withdrew my fiverr revenues to the Payoneer card.This card is not from Fiverr which I applied it directly from Payoneer. After reading threads on “how to link existing card with Fiverr” I was able to successfully link the card with Fiverr. Really happy with it :slight_smile:

So. for the first time I used “withdraw to card” option to withdraw an amount of $728 from my Fiverr cash. I used the immediate loading option which would cost extra $5. And I even got an email from payoneer saying that Fiverr has loaded $728 to my card.

In the card transaction history also this $728 is shown. But my card balance is $668. :frowning: Before the withdrawal the balance in the card was $5.25.

So I think Payoneer has deducted a fee of $65 from my balance but is it possible? Do you guys also experience such deductions when you withdraw money to your card from Fiverr?

I’m really upset with this because I work hard to earn $4 here. And it says the annual fee for the card is also $29. But a fee of $65 is two times the $29…

Please tell me what you guys think about this?


for the first withdraw payoneer charge $29.95 as annual card fee, but $70 is too should contact payoneer.


I thought fiverr only takes 20% there must be a mistake, contact fiverr and tell the about what happened, you can get ur money back


Holy moly!! That doesn’t seem right. Have you contacted Fiverr Support? Or maybe the guy from Payoneer that’s in the forums? Sorry, I’m no help.


Nobody helping me? :frowning:


WTF?! $29.95 for the first withdrawal?? That’s highway robbery!!


I thought the annual fee was something like $65 or something like that.


contact fiverr CS


I am sorry but when I read the small print on that card, it said something ridiculous like $65 fee which was a total turnoff. Paypal fees are not cheap either.

Direct deposit and regular paper checks should be an option for Fiverr.


Hi rover10-

The fees are not so high for the card. You can access all your fees and pricing by logging into your “My Account”.

If you’d like, please email me your reference ID to and I’ll look into this deductions.


I think fiverr support should be in position to getting

that solved for you. Contact them immediately before

it got late.


This video will be helpful for withdraw Fiverr money to Fiverr Revenue card(payoneer Card)


they cut 30$ from mine week ago

it’s probably cause you made you card two years ago, and didn’t pay for the annual fees (for two years) and card activation fee which is about 60$ like you said!!