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I withdrew money to my bank account but I don't have one attached?

I will try to be as clear as possible.

I used to withdraw the earned money to my bank account, and Fiverr does this through Payoneer. So I had my IBAN registered on Payoneer.

A few weeks ago, I had my bank account removed from Payoneer (at my request) so I assumed I would not be able to withdraw money from Fiverr anymore, until I add a new one.

Yesterday, I clicked the button to withdraw the money and… it did. Wait, what?
If I don’t have a bank account attached, where did my money go now? Fiverr didn’t even show me an option to add a new one, neither does Payoneer. I opened a ticket but it would be days until they answer.

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Your case is not with fiverr but with Payoneer because fiverr has nothing to do with your local bank account but Payoneer does. So contact Payoneer.

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Payoneer doesn’t even reply to tickets, they close them without any notice. Tried the live chat - it was terrible also.

How did Fiverr let that happen in the first place, can’t the website “see” that there is no bank account attached to my Payoneer profile? This must be a bug or some kind of.

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As far as I know. Fiverr doesn’t track your local account details. Because if fiverr does so. I think there will be no need to have Payoneer to be the in the middle of the transaction between fiverr and your local bank.