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I wonder if there\'s any tip on fiverr?

I actually want this option to be their automatically when you make a gig because if someone is very happy for the product, they might want to give an extra payment for us and besides, fiverr deducted 20% when it comes to you which is I think it’s very high if they order a massive amount. for $5 and became $4 to your account isn’t big but $300 became $240, like yeah, $60 isn’t easy to find.

I am not really sure I understand the majority of your post. Buyers do have the option to send you a tip when they mark your delivery complete. It is, of course, optional.

And Fiverr will take 20% of the tip.
There is no difference between selling 60 $5 Gigs and paying $60 in commissions and selling 1 $300 Gig and paying $60. Besides it is a lot less work to sell one for $240 than 60 for the same amount…